Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fall Leaf Themed Wedding and Party Favors

Preparing a wedding needs to be ahead.  There are about two more months to reach 2015 fall.  Let's introduce fall leaf themed party favors here.

KateAspen line of fall leaf favors include fall leaf favor boxes, fall leaf bookmark, fall leaf bottle stopper, fall leaf scented soap and fall leaf bell for place card holder.

With many personalized items available, EventBlossom has fall leaf themed favors will delight everyone!

Artisano Designs has truly elegant choices in fall leaf wedding favors, including coasters and candles, that will look lovely at your fall event!

FashionCraft has some colorful fall leaf themed wedding favors such as place card holder, which looks fall here. They also have fall leaf bottle stopper, bookmark, and glass items like coasters!

Fall leaf themed wedding accessories set is available also to match your fall leaf traditional wedding.

Get more wedding ideas, read HotRef blog.  Happy planning for your wedding!

Monday, July 20, 2015

HotRef Features Popular and New Themed Wedding Favors

PRLog - July 20, 2015 - FREMONT, Calif. --  Ready to throw a great party, but having a hard time to come up with a theme? HotRef has answers for you. The featured popular and new themed party giveaway gifts will please the guests of honor and get everyone excited and intrigued.

Popular Themed Wedding Favors
The popular wedding favors are in a number of themes that are perfect for your event. Whatever time of year you celebrate, HotRef has great ideas available.
1. The golden glam wedding theme has a luxurious and elegant appeal. It's for those who want their wedding to shine brightly.
2. If you love Paris, the Eiffel tower favors will definitely remind you of France. For a modern, chic, and French theme, the Eiffel tower theme is a great choice.
3. For a great time at your wedding, the nautical theme is what you want. Pull up the anchor and set sail on a grand adventure together.
4. There's a seasonal choice for every time of year! Whether you're getting married in the spring with the cherry blossoms, during the summer at the beach, under the full harvest moon of fall, or in the cold of winter, HotRef has amazing favors for you to choose from.
5. The gold 50th anniversary is a very special one. Celebrate a lifetime of loving memories with the golden favors from HotRef.
6. A tea party might be just the right theme for you. You and your guests can enjoy a quiet and proper teatime together.

Popular Decorative Wedding Favors
A wedding is simply not complete without the proper decorations. Throughout the year, you'll find wedding decorative supplies to be superb for many themes and occasions.
1. Lantern will light the way at your parties and give a soft glow to the surroundings. Whether you hang them up or place them on the ground, the lovely light of lanterns will illuminate your celebration.
2. For a softer light on the tables, candle holders are an excellent choice. You can also give them as favors to your guests to thank them for coming.
3. The wedding centerpiece is an important part of any tablescape and a bottle is a great way to add dimension. You can decorate the bottle or put flowers inside it for a guaranteed way of grabbing your guest's attention.

New Themed Wedding Favors
HotRef also has some fantastic new wedding theme favors. If you're planning a wedding in the future, now is the time to look through them and see if any of them appeal to you.
1. The woodland theme has a rustic appeal for nature lovers. Enjoy the look of beautiful and simple elements for your wedding.
2. If you and your beloved go seeking destination wedding theme, travel and adventure, the world is laid out at your feet. Go anywhere on the map or off it, as long as you're together.
3. Once the wedding has been performed, the hunt is over for the perfect spouse. And with these nature themed favors, you may find that the hunt for your perfect theme is over too.
4. One of the most special times is when he asked, she said yes. This theme focuses on the diamond involved in the proposal, but it can also be a lovely backdrop to any wedding for a special couple.
5. Enjoy a bohemian carefree wedding with HotRef's new favors. If your soul is carefree and loves being unconventional, you'll come to appreciate the favors from HotRef for your wedding.

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No matter what party you're trying to plan, HotRef has a blog with great wedding favors for you to choose from. HotRef also has wedding ideas blog to help you plan a wonderful event. If you need help finding the perfect wedding accessories, HotRef has many of the things you need. Have fun and enjoy HotRef's new and popular products!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Flip Flop Party Favors for Summer Party

At summer, people like to go to beach for fun.  Beach themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party or any beach themed events will be happened at beach. Here introduces flip flop party favors.

Flip Flops Manicure Set

You can find more flip flop favors such as flip flop spreader, flip flop nail file and more for your beach themed party! Happy planning!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

50th Gold Anniversary Party Favors

If you plan to have a 50th birthday party, 50th wedding anniversary, 50th class reunion, 50th company celebration or any 50th anniversary, a lot of 50th gold party favors are available at

50th Gold Candle Holder

 There are three different designs of 50th candle holder here. Gold Star Design 50th Anniversary Celebration Candle Holder Favor is hugged by gold metal coils and decorated with "50". At the top of the coil is a gold star with "50" in its center

Golden 50th Anniversary Candle Holder Favor has frosted white glass holder and brilliant gold, rhinestone enhanced "50".

Big Gold 50th Black Candle Votive is crafted in a gorgeous dark black glass with a large fabulous not-shy number 50 adorned in gold rhinestones.

50th Bottle Stopper

They can be personalized with name and event date for glasses, coaster and water bottle.

We have 50th wedding anniversary ideas blog at HotRef, also at Pinterest board.  If you are interest, please visit them.  Happy Planning 50th Your Party!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 Summer Activities and Party Supplies from

PRNewswire-iReach for HotRef publication on July 8th, 2015

HotRef's Summer Supplies Make Planning a Breeze!

Summer is the time when many activities take place for both children and adults. Whether you’re doing something casual like biking, camping, golfing, going to the beach, having a picnic or barbecue in the park or whether you're planning something more formal like a beach wedding, a nautical baby shower, a birthday party, or a company event, you're going to need supplies! Fortunately, has a wide variety available for your summer plans.

Summer Party Supplies from HotRef.com

1. Tote bag - A sturdy tote bag can carry all your accessories for a day outdoors. A great tote bag makes keeping track of your valuables an easy task.
2. Cooler - Protect your food from the hot weather. Make sure to get one of HotRef's great coolers to keep your food fresh all day long.
3. Water bottle - Keep hydrated with a water bottle next to you as you lie on the beach or as you're sitting on a blanket in the park. Don't forget to look into getting a water straw to make drinking enough water even easier.
4. Sunglasses - HotRef's sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun while you participate in many outdoor activities. They'll also show everyone how fashion coordinated you are.
5. Sunscreen - If you don't want to end up with a sunburn, you'll be glad you took the time to put on sunscreen. Keep your skin healthy when you're outside.
6. Hand sanitzer - When the great outdoors leaves your hands dirty, HotRef's hand sanitizers will get rid of the germs for you. Your hands will feel refreshed and you'll be ready to go again.
7. Hand fan - A colorful way to beat the heat, HotRef's hand fans are useful accessories to have with you. They're great to carry in weddings or to the warm beach.
8. Parasol - Mainly used for weddings or bridal showers, parasols make a delicate addition to your special day. They look truly amazing in photographs and make lovely props for poses.
9. Energy bar for your cell - When you're outdoors, the one thing that can ruin a good day is your cell phone running out of power. Make sure you have one of HotRef's energy bars that will keep your valuable electronics going.
10. Beach towel - Beach towels are great to carry to the beach or parks to sit on the ground. They'll keep the dirt off you and your belongings.
11. Lantern or Candle Holder - HotRef's lanterns or candle holders can make your decor for an evening party quite splendid. With a subtle shade or a bright glow, these lanterns or candle holders will brighten up your night.
12. Flashlight - Although summer days are amazing, summer nights can be frightening without a friendly flashlight by your side. Carry one and you'll feel prepared for many emergencies.
13. Multi-tool - Multi-tools are HotRef's answer to having a handy helper for your projects. They're a great tool for camping too.
14. Picnic basket - There can almost be no proper summer without a proper picnic basket to carry food in for a summertime treat. Make sure your picnic baskets are ready to go for this summer.
15. Blanket - When the night air becomes chilly, a warm blanket will make sure everyone is comfortable. They'll also make a great seat on any hard ground.
16. Barbecue - If summer time has you itching to fire up the grill, make sure to take a look at HotRef's barbecue set and apron. These tools will have you barbecuing in no time.
17. Flip flop favors - Summer makes flip flops a fantastic favor for weddings and parties. Their casual appeal makes them a great gift for guests.
18. Umbrella - While most summer days are warm and sunny, don't take the chance of getting caught out in a surprise shower. Make sure to bring along one of HotRef's umbrellas to keep dry or just keep the sun off.

That's not all HotRef has though! If you're planning a wedding and need some ideas, HotRef has a large number of wedding themes to look through. We also have a lot of different blogs about proper party favors for many different events. And if your business is looking to get items with their logo, HotRef has a whole category dedicated to promotional products for you to browse through. For a fun summer, don't forget HotRef is here to help!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lantern Decor Ideas for Wedding, Bridal Shower and Summer Party

Here we introduce some lantern decoration ideas for beach themed wedding or outdoor wedding.  Lantern can be used for wedding centerpiece with flower, and decor wedding chair with lantern.  Decor your wedding place with lanterns and make place nicely!  You can find the black lantern at

Decor your wedding pool with lantern and hanging lantern in sky!

Lantern party favors with different designs and colors are available at! There are gold lantern, blue lantern, ivory lantern, black lantern and white lantern.

Paper lantern are also available at and can make place gorgeous!

You can visit our Pinterest board to get more lantern decor ideas!  Happy planning!