Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's About Time for Your Baby Shower

Today we introduce "it's about time" baby shower timer favors at for you. Timer is a whimsical reminder that it’s about time for the new mom to give birth. We have "baby is brewing" teapot timer and kettle timer, "about to hatch" egg timer, "let's celebrate" champagne bucket timer.

"It's About Time! Let's Celebrate" Champagne Bucket Timer 
It's about time to celebrate your baby! Each silver finish champagne bucket timer has a bottle of the "best bubbly" nestled in bucket and surrounded by glassy miniature "ice cubes" and completed with littler handles.  The bottom of the bucket twists to countdown any interval of time from 1 minute to sixty minutes. Perfect littler party favors for your baby shower.  Each favor is in gift box which is complete with a sheer white organza ribbon and tied with a matching bottle-shaped gift tag reading "Let's Celebrate!"  Packaging measures 2.75" x 3.75".  Timer is 2.25" tall.

"It's About Time - Baby Is Brewing" Teapot Timer
It' About Time - Baby Is Brewing! With this teapot timer, brew up a good tea time for your baby shower.  The tea kettle baby shower favor is a perfect reminder that it's about time for the new mom to have a baby. Each dainty little tea kettle with handle, spout and a timer twists at the bottom to countdown any interval of time from one to 60 minutes.  Clear, showcase gift box has cute graphic of baby in teacup with phrase “Baby is Brewing” and gift box is  wrapped with sheer-white organza ribbon with matching “It’s About Time” tag attached.  Gift box measures 3 1/2" square.

"Time for Tea" Teapot Timer
TICK... TICK... It's time for tea party! The tea is brewed, the table is set, all that's missing is a unique tea party themed favor for the guests to tie it all together. Each teapot shaped timer can set the timer from 1 to 60 minutes and is "dressed up" in a clear box labeled "Time for Tea", wrapped up with white satin ribbon and a coordinating "Thank You" tag.  Perfect for your baby shower.

"About to Hatch" Kitchen Egg Timer in Showcase Gift Box 
For a new mom who is about to give birth, this “About to Hatch” kitchen egg timer is a clever reminder that works fabulously anywhere for your bay shower. You can twist at the bottom of the egg-shaped timer  to countdown any interval of time from one minute to 60 minutes. Due to packaged in a clear round gift box, the charming timer is showcased from every side. Guests can’t help but love the charming design details, from the "Grade A" sticker near the top to the two hens guarding an egg which reads “About to Hatch” on the base.  The gift box is then complete with a sheer white organza ribbon and tied with a matching egg-shaped gift tag reading "For You!".  The egg timer measures approximately 3" x 3".  The lid has yellow color so that it fits both baby girl and baby boy shower.

"Time for Baby" Egg Timer
Time is ticking and a baby is coming!  Little pink or blue egg timer is perfect baby shower favor for a baby girl or baby boy.  Your guests can use the egg timer for kitchen timer from 1 to 60 minutes.  Each sweet little egg timer is nestled between finely cut shred to resemble a nest and comes packaged in a clear box labeled "Time for Baby" all wrapped up with white satin ribbon and a coordinating "Thank You" tag. So don't wait, time's running out and before you know it... TICK... TICK... It's time for a baby girl or a baby boy!

Read our blog "About to Hatch" baby shower ideas to get more ideas and plan well for your baby shower. Happy Planning!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tutu Cute Imprinted Party Favors for Ballerina Baby Shower or Tutu Birthday

Today we introduce tutu cute imprinted party favors.  They can be imprinted with an adorable mini tutu design or a pair of ballet shoes design, name and the date of event for a ballerina baby shower or tutu birthday party.  These tutu themed favors definitely give your girl's party a classier feel for all your guests.

All of imprinted glassware has the same features and facts:
- Two designs available and shown below: mini tutu design or a pair of ballet slippers design
- Available personalized with name and event date
- A setup fee is added to each personalization request for these items for creation of the artwork and design plates. Custom design, personalization or color variations within the same order may incur separate setup fees
- Due to personalization, please allow 7 business days for processing.
- Though we try to package our glassware very carefully, we are unable to replace any glasses broken in transit. Please be sure to order additional pieces to cover any breakage or extra guests. Hand Wash Recommended.

Tutu Design

Ballet Slippers

Personalized 9 oz. Stemless Champagne Glass - Tutu Cute
Cheers to your new little ballerina with the Tutu Cute personalized stemless champagne glasses! They're sure to add a touch of elegance to your ballerina baby shower or birthday.
Features and facts:
- Clear champagne glass is presented without the stem and can hold 9 oz.
- It measures 5.5" h x 2" in diameter
- Minimum order of 36 required with personalization

Personalized 9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass - Tutu Cute
Featuring your name and the date of your event, these tutu cute personalized stemless wine glasses will prove that you don't mess around when it comes to throwing an amazing celebration. You can choose between either an adorable mini tutu design or a pair of ballet slippers design, and be prepared to be dubbed the best gift-giver by all your friends!
Features and facts:
- Clear wine glass is presented without the stem and holds 9 oz.
- Wine glass size: 3.75" h x 3" in diameter
- Gift boxes must be purchased separately and are not included with the wine glasses
- Minimum order of 36 required with personalization

Personalized Printed Mason Jar - Tutu Cute
Fill them with flowers or candy, or use them to serve drinks out of, the Tutu Cute personalized mason jars are sure to be a major hit at your ballerina baby shower or tutu birthday party. Choose the solid lid if you plan on using them for decoration or the daisy drinking lid for something straw-friendly so you can serve pink punch at your tutu cute celebration! 
Features and facts:
- Clear, mason jar with two lid options, solid or daisy drinking lid
- Mason jar favor measures approximately 4" h x 2.5" in diameter
- Mason jar can hold 8 ounces liquid
- Sold in set of 12; minimum order of 3 sets (36) required with personalization

Personalized Glass Coaster - Tutu Cute
Coast through your ballerina baby shower or tutu birthday party with ease by adding tutu cute personalized glass coaster to your list of party favors! Set them at each spot on the table for each of your friends, or go ahead and whip them out during the party to let them double as adorable ballerina baby shower or tutu birthday party decor!
Features and facts:
- One personalized 3.5" square glass coaster
- Padded "feet" for surface protection
- Optional elegant window sleeve with open sides, white border, and white satin ribbon (assembly required)
- Gift sleeve measures 3.75" square
- Sold in set of 12; minimum of 3 sets (36) required with personalization

Get tutu cute birthday party ideas at HotRef blog and have a perfect planning.  Happy planning for ballerina baby shower or tutu birthday party!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's Tea Time! - Tea Party Favor Ideas

A lot of people start to order tea party favors at now.  Spring is coming soon and friends can have a tea time to stay together.  Here we introduce most popular tea party favors for you.

Teacup Shaped Tealight Holder
This Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders are a miniature version of the finest china. Perfect for tea party, bridal shower and other elegant events.  Each porcelain teacup tea light holder with silvery floral pattern sits atop an attached saucer and measures approximately 2" h x 3" in diameter.  It is ready in clear display gift box which is accented with a white-organza ribbon and bow and teapot-shaped tag.

"Tea Time" Heart Tea Infuser
It's time for you, time for me, time for fun, time for tea! This elegant "Tea Time" Heart Tea Infuser brings sophistication to any affair. A delicate heart theme distinguishes the infuser, and makes it a lovely favor for wedding, bridal shower, Mother's Day parties and more.  Perforated infuser is stainless-steel heart shaped, and handle has lovely, openwork hearts. Each tea infuser is in Tea-Time Gift Box which has charming, pale-green teapot print and is tied with sheer white, organza ribbon and heart-shaped “Thank You” tag. Gift box measures 7 ½” x 2”.

"Swee-Tea" Teapot Shaped Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy
"Swee-Tea" Teapot Shaped Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy in Black and White Serving-Tray Gift Box is classic white, ceramic teapot-shaped, tea-bag caddy with “Swee-Tea” imprinted on it and waits to be “served” in a thoughtfully designed, black tray with clever touches like cut-out “carrying handles.”  The teapot caddy measures 2 3/8” x 3 ½” x 1” and the display gift box, smartly accented with a black-and-white polka-dot ribbon and bow and tea-bag-shaped “For You” tag, measures 3” x 4” x 1 ¾”.

"It's Tea Time!" Teapot Shaped Measuring Tape Keychain
It is time for tea party!  Get your girl friends to be together and have a tea part with teapots, tea infusers, pretty tea cups, sweet cookie and bite size snack. The ideal little teapot shaped measuring tape keychain makes a stylish favor that will complete the look. Ladies will be pleasantly surprised to receive this truly fitting find, a miniature little white teapot that's more than just a keychain. Gals can hook them onto their keys or slip them into a purse and when they need to...they can measure up some fun!  Each teapot keychain comes fashionably packaged with a white satin bow in a clear box and labeled with "It's Tea Time". Size of finished favor is 2.25" x 3.2", size of tape measure is 2" and tape measure length: 36"-39”/1m. The teapot can be personalized with different color and your words.

We have more tea party favors, look at there and find what you want.  Happy planning for your tea party!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Luck Gold Elephant Wedding and Party Favors

Today we are introducing "Good Luck" gold elephant party favors for Indian themed wedding, bridal shower, wedding anniversary and more grand celebrations with good luck.  These cute gold elephants favors are sure to be the focal talk of your special day.

Gold Elephant Place Card Holder
Plan a luck wedding?  Lucky Golden Elephant Place Card Holders can hold guest's name and assign seat for them.  Also those holders can decor your wedding table and will bring good luck to your wedding.

Gold Elephant Tealight Holder
Lucky Golden Elephant Tealight Holder is great guest favor for lucky you - you've found the love of your life,  Once lit, these Indian themed wedding decorations are sure to bathe your venue in a soft, inviting glow. 

Gold Elephant Photo Frame
Lucky Golden Elephant Frame is unique and elegant, featuring an antique gold resin finish and intricately embossed decorative detail. Use them for place settings at your Indian theme wedding, bridal shower, or hand them out to friends and family as the perfect elephant wedding favors. 

Gold Decorative Elephant Statue
There are four gold decorative elephant statue favors with different design and size. Each elephant is crafted from poly resin and is hand painted in a magnificent metallic brushed gold finish with red accents. 

More elephant wedding favors also available at  Happy Planning!