Thursday, September 10, 2015

Intorducing Scented Round Travel Candle Party Favors

Whether they're putting a fresh scent in the air of their hotel room or lighting up an impromptu sunset picnic on the beach, your guests are sure to find a creative use for these travel candles. Designed to be convenient for travel, each features a tightly fastened clear lid and a metal case. And, it's easy to add your own personal touches to these favors with a sticker or other decoration for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or travel event. You can make your event so decent and romantic.

Blank Travel Candle
DIY this scented round blank travel candle with clear lid and make your own unique travel gifts for your guests.

Personalized Travel Candle - Wedding Theme
You can personalized your name and wedding date on the travel candle with your prefer design. 

Personalized Travel Candle - General Design
A lot of design options are available, birthday like sweet 15 or 16, graduation and more. Put personalized sticker on the travel candle and make your party so unique and happy.

Personalized Travel Candle - Baby Shower
The scented round travel candle can be personalized with baby shower theme, foot print, jungle, teddy bear and more.

So much personalized options you can choose from.  Hope that it can help you for your party planning.  Happy Planning!

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