Sunday, September 20, 2015

Introducing Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses - Milestone Gold of 50th Anniversary

It's clear that these personalized stemless wine glasses are a great way to inspire a truly memorable toast on your milestone gold anniversary day - 50th wedding anniversary, 50th class reunion, 50th birthday, 50th company anniversary and more!  Filled with beautiful sentiments and love, the toast is one of a special day's most special moments. And, with these personalized glasses, you have the opportunity to put your own mark on the memories.

Today HotRef introduces the personalized stemless wine glasses with three different sizes (5.5oz, 9oz and 15oz). Each size wine glass has many different designs of 50th anniversary.  Here we give you four example designs: Flourish 50, 50th Anniversary, 50 Champagne and Scribble Wine.  Just choose one size you like and one design you prefer and make your own personalized wine glasses.

9 oz Personlaized Stemless Wine Glass - 50th Anniversary Design

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass - Scribble Wine Design

Since the glassware needs to take 2 weeks for imprinting, please plan ahead for your 50th anniversary party ahead.  Happy Planning!

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