Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Purse Themed Party Favors

Today we introduce purse themed party favors to you. Delight your guests at the next girls' night out, bridal shower, or all of your daughter's friends at her sweet sixteen with these unique purse design manicure set and elegant reflections collection mirror compact favors that are perfect for girl gatherings, weddings, bridal showers or birthday parties!

Pink Polka Purse Manicure Set - Wedding
Each Pink Polka Purse Manicure Set includes four-piece stainless steel set which are nail file, scissors, clippers, and tweezers. This elegant pink polka dot purse is just the ideal favor for weddings, bridal showers, sweet sixteen parties and any other occasion. 

Elegant Reflections Collection Purse Design Mirror Compacts
Each Elegant Reflections Collection Purse Design Mirror Compacts shaped compact mirror comes in silver and with intricate detailing in the shape of a purse, complete with a handle. Make your girl gathering, wedding, bridal shower or birthday party ab forgettable one! 

Pocketbook-Design Elegant Reflections Collection mirror compact favors
Celebrate feminity with these pocketbook-designed mirror compacts from the "Elegant Reflections Collection"! Every purse shaped compact mirror comes in silver and an intricately weaving purse shape. These pocketbook designed themed mirror compacts are ready to find their way into your guests hands at sweet sixteens, showers, and so much more!

"Little Black Purse" Five-Piece Manicure Set
Choose the sophisticated, stylish manicure set as a gift for your spa party, bridal shower or any festive occasion. Compact, handy and pretty little black purse shaped five pieces manicure set is so practical that your guests can use in future journey

Happy planning for a purse themed wedding, bridal shower, sixteen party or birthday party!

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