Thursday, April 28, 2016

Religious Cross and Angel Favors for Pentecost

Today we introduce religious cross favors and angel favors to you for the upcoming Pentecost. Pentecost, also known as White Sunday is coming on May 15. It is an opportunity for Christians to honor the role of the Holy Spirit and celebrate the birth of the church. Our religious cross and angel favors feature Candles, Key Chains, Boxes, Bookmarks, Picture Frames and more that are perfect for Religious themed wedding, anniversary, birthday party, communion, baptism or Pentecost and more religious occasions.

Religious Cross and Angel Candle Favors
Flaunt your faith in style with these silver cross or angel themed candle favors. A beautiful choice for religious wedding, anniversary, Christening, first Communion, Confirmation or Pentecost!

Religious Cross and Angel Key Chain Favors
Renew your faith with the help of these cross or angel designed key chain favors! Lovely and elegant, these key chain favors are a wonder to behold and practical for every day use! 

Religious Cross and Angel Box Favors
Remind your guests of your special day every time they put jewelry and other little trinkets inside these cross or angel designed  boxes! Let these be the final touch on communions, confirmations, baptisms, christening, wedding and other religious themed occasions!

Religious Cross and Angel Bookmarks
Always keep your place in your hymn books or bible with these endearing cross or angel bookmarks! Great for celebrating a christening, first communion, blessing a wedding, baptism and so much more!

Religious Cross and Angel Picture Frames
Compliment your event with these cross or angel picture frames! These frames are stunning religious favors for wedding, communion, christening, baptism, shower and more religious events. 

Happy planning for a religious cross or angel themed Wedding, Communion, Christening or Pentecost!

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